Aunty's famous biryani. Made by layering basmati rice with flavoured chicken combining the contrasting flavours into one classic dish

Masala fries covered in butter sauce with Lahori style fried fish on top


Our famous masala fries topped off with shawarma chicken, cheese, and of course, butter chicken sauce. Poutine done Aunty's style!


Yellow and orange lentils cooked into a steamy and thick soup. Served with a choice of naan, rice, or paratha. Served with naan or rice.


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All dishes are served with three choices of rice, naan, salad, or fries.

Boneless chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, lemon, and various spices, cooked in a creamy butter sauce.


Lahori style fried fish covered in our butter sauce. Goes great with our tandoori naan.

The finest BBQ


The finest chickpea curry you've had. Soaked overnight, these chickpeas are then cooked with a delicate blend of Punjabi spices to give it a soothing kick. Vegetarians favourite dish.


Minced beef mixed with a our combination of five spices and rolled onto a skewer and grilled to order.


The ultimate combination. Spicy chicken biryani rice, with shawarma chicken, side of fries, all topped off with a layer of creamy butter chicken sauce.

Classic plate of rice with shawarma chicken. Served with a side of salad and fries. Garlic sauce served on the side.

Two BBQ Zubi Wraps, rolled in a paratha with cheese and our house spicy garlic sauce. It just melts in your mouth! Choose between chicken, beef, or fish.


Beef kabab wrapped up in a freshly made naan.


Shawarma in a toasted pita with lettuce, tomato, shawarma chicken and of course garlic sauce!

No intrusions! Just chicken, pickles, fries, and garlic sauce!

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Get a variety of tastes with side orders.

Two pieces of butter chicken topped off with sauce.


For those who like some major heat in their lunch! One juicy beef seekh kabab


A quarter leg of chicken roasted and grilled to perfection.


Side of lentils cooked into just the right blend of health and taste.

Skin on potato fries topped off with our secret blend of masala. Try it with spicy ketchup!


A single order of our MSD.

Made fresh to the order in our tandoor.

Flatbread prepared on a tava pan.

The national dish of Pakistan, nihari is beef shank cooked overnight into a thick and spicy stew. Garnish this off with green chili and ginger; squeeze some lemons on top, and there is nothing else like it.

Fried puri bread served with halwa (semolina dessert) and a tangy chana masala. The halwa provides a sweet touch while the chana provides the sour taste. The classic brunch.

Our own blend of mangoes and goodness.


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