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  • What does halal mean?
    We are a halal restaurant. Halal means that all meat and poultry is processed by hand to the highest standards in strict accordance to Islamic tradition. This also means that animals slaughtered are raised humanely.
  • Are we gluten free?
    All of our menu items are gluten free EXCEPT for our naan, nihari, chili chicken, and kababs.
  • Which products contain dairy?
    All our products contain dairy EXCEPT for our rice dishes, and BBQ items, which are dairy free.
  • Who supplies our chicken?
    Our chicken is supplied by Sargent Farms (, a poultry farm based in Milton, ON.
  • Who supplies our beef/lamb?
    Our meat products are supplied by Ammar Halal Butcher Shop (, a local butcher shop in Kitchener, ON.
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